Contact: Katherine Holliday

Succesess: 4 verges in Histon and Impington on: Park Lane, Cottenham Road, Glebe Way and Milton Road have been left to grow into wildflower havens for insects. They must be mown just twice a year and critically the mowings must be collected to stop the soil becoming too fertile and for the flowers to return next year


How can you help? Help us rake up the mowings twice a year. Help us contact local farmers/ livestock owners to put the mowings to good use!


Objective: To increase Hedgehog numbers by opening up access through our gardens.

Contact: Nicole Barton


Issues: Hedgehogs are in steep decline and the biggest danger facing them is the loss and fragmentation of their habitat. By making a small hole in your fence, digging a tunnel underneath, or ensuring there is a route in and out of your garden, we can create a hedgehog super-highway and help to boost their numbers.

How can you help? Give up a little of your time to help and support people to make holes in their fences 


Objective: Due to pesticide reduction initiatives by the local authorities, there are more weeds on pavements, road gutters. We identify hot spots in the village that are not dealt with satisfactorily by Local authorities.

Contact: Cedric Foster 01223 234156 OR 07938 666200  cedric.jl.foster1944@btinternet.com

Successes: Clearing weeds on road leading to both Infant and Junior Schools and getting Cambridge County Council to install an additional road gully drain along the junior school approach.

Issues: Areas on the B1049 that we would like to tackle around the road islands but are too dangerous.

How can you help? Give up an hour or so of your time, once a month usually on Fridays after 2pm to help us, it's very satisfying work!


Objectives:  Establish and maintain a Community Orchard for all. Create a peaceful habitat for all to enjoy.  Create a wildlife haven. Preserve and promote traditional skills. Hold community events.

Contact: Dan Mace.  danrmace@gmail.com  www.hicop.info

SuccessesEstablishing the orchard.  Seeing it being used by all ages, and by many groups including schools, scouts, brownies, woodcraft folk etc. Creating interest in orchard skills.  Our pruning and grafting workshops are well attended.

Issues: Litter in the summer. Dog poo.

How can I help? Come and attend a maintenance session. These are usually held on the last weekend of the monthfor a couple of hours.

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